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Want Stronger Neighborhoods? Act Now.

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Inspiring Inner-City Innovation

At Bridge Builders, our mission is to inspire inner city innovation that will holistically transform neighborhoods one block at a time. Our primary objective is to touch every household on the block, We cherish every soul, and as we engaged residents on the block, we knocked on the door of Carolyn Johnson. When Ms. Johnson opened the door, her smile was contagious and she was happy to welcome us in. She shared that her son was a huge help in caring for her home but he had passed away.

She was elated to learn Bridge Builders could help! Ms. Johnson was assisted with a new porch, and the restoration of her garage at zero cost. Before receiving assistance from Bridge Builders, her porch was unsafe, and she could not open the door to her garage. Today, Ms. Johnson has the assurance of a safe porch and access to park her car in the garage.

She shared how her late son would assist her with landscaping, repairs, and other miscellaneous housework, but in his absence, she emphasized how grateful she was that she can now count on Bridge Builders.

Similar to Ms. Johnson, we love on our neighbors by providing our services at no cost. Donations in any amount are a great way to get involved in our community development efforts. All donations are tax-deductible.

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